Getting Started with 4everSpain

Stop DreamingHello and thank you so much for joining us. Really good to have you here.

This site exists to give you an extensive education in the essentials of buying a property in Spain, without charging you any money. Because this is a comprehensive resource, we’ve created this page to keep you from getting lost or overwhelmed. The information is right here, at your fingertips when you need it and are ready for it.

#1: Building your foundation

We have created six key articles on buying a property in Spain. They are designed to build a bedrock foundation for virtually every property purchase.

When we looked closely at what buyers needed most, we found that information and more importantly understanding it topped the list. The following five articles are the core pillars

• The Purchase Contract
• Legal Advice
• Spanish Lawyer
• N.I.E. number
• Currency Exchange
• The Notary

Understanding each pillar enhances the others. Together, the whole process is much stronger than it would be if any of the pillars were missing.

So if you need to improve your understanding of buying a property in Spain, you can do that today, or next month, or next year. We’re ready when you are.

We will give you a wealth of information and that maybe everything you need to complete your purchase. We’ve had some amazing success stories from people who have taken our free information and run with it … and we love it.

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